Information to presenters

Oral presentations

All talk venues have HDMI and VGA connectors, USB-C adapters for them, clickers, and PC laptops.


Please prepare your talk to last for up to 12 minutes and allow 3 minutes for discussion.

Symposium presentations

Please prepare your slides to last for up to 25 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions.

Poster presentations

The poster sessions will take place in Yale-NUS College's Multipurpose Hall. Posterboard dimensions are as follows:

  • Total height: 211 cm
  • Width: 119 cm
  • Display height: 167 cm

As such, the best poster size/orientation is vertical A0 (width: 84.1 cm, height: 118.9 cm).

In the conference program, your title is preceded by a number in brackets. That number corresponds to the posterboard to which you are assigned. Please find the correct posterboard on the morning of your poster presentation, then affix your poster to it using the supplied adhesives.

If you have any questions or requests, please write us at